Did you know we have over 500 registered players with RAMs Netball Club?

Did you know that year on year, our club is run by a small committed group of individuals, also known as your Committee? 

Did you know that without a Committee – there is no Club?

RAMS Netball Committee needs your help

Our AGM is held in September of every year. Each year, the Committee must all stand down, and either nominate for re-election or stand down entirely.

This coming September, a number of our Committee will not be standing for re-election. For no other reason than – it’s time. Time for new faces, time for new ideas, time for change. 

This is where you come in!

In a club of over 500 members – We are appealing for someone who might be:

  • An accountant or bookkeeper who can take on the role of Treasurer
  • Working in marketing, sales or promotions, who can take on the Sponsorship role. Remember - no Sponsors, no training shirts, no Swifts Training Clinics….
  • Loves to coach, and would like to get involved in the coaching coordination role
  • Is social media savvy who can maintain and update our Facebook site, and website and create our Instagram site
  • Or, can just spare some time and is keen to get involved.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know…. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

Come along to one of our meetings – held the first Monday of every month at The Fiddler. We would love to see some new faces.

For further information, please contact