For those who have not registered with us before or experience difficulties registering, please attempt the following instructions before contacting the Club for technical assistance:


1.    Go to on a desktop or laptop computer.

In the middle of the page there is a "Find a Club"


2.    Please type in the postcode “2155”, wait for the page to load

The next screen will bring up a list of clubs and underneath you should see Rouse Hill Rams Netball Club


3.    Please click on the Green box on the right marked REGISTER.

4.    You will then be prompted to log in using your numerical Login ID or email address.




5.    If you do not know your Login ID or password then you can click "Forgotten login details?" which will send you an email with your numerical Login ID and the option to reset your password.

Please note that even though the Login screen will ask for Login ID OR email address, it will NOT accept your email address unless you had registered for the first time in 2016 or later or specifically nominated your email address as your Login ID after the 2016 season.


So, for many of our members, you may initially need your numerical Login ID to log in and then once logged in, you can nominate your email address as your Login ID for the future. If this numerical ID doesn’t work, please try your email.


Once you are logged in, it should link you straight to the Registration Form.


A few things to remember: 

·         Click through the prompts, accept the terms and conditions and you'll be taken to our payment page - please note that payment can only be done via online payment using a credit or debit card and can be used in combination with your Active Kids Voucher

·         Don't forget to select 'SUBMIT' otherwise the registration will NOT be processed.



If you are new to the club please ensure to:


1.    Upload your digital ID on your mynetball profile no later than Sunday, 1 March 2020. This will be the responsibility of the player/parent or guardian. Registration is incomplete without a current digital ID photo and the player will not be able to play until such time as the photo ID is uploaded. A “how to” guide will be posted on our facebook and Instagram pages in due course. Please check here for the release of the instructions.

2.    Email a copy of the players birth certificate or passport for age verification purposes to This is required by Sunday, 1  March 2020. It is the responsibility of you, the parent/guardian or player, to send this to our Club. Your registration is incomplete without this document and you will not be able to play until it is provided.